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Copal srl , is an italian family company that deals with the processing of coils, strips, sheets, corrugated sheets, fretted sheets, pipes and hollow sections. mainly we are able to process carbon steel, staniless steel and aluminium, with a very diversified production range capable to serve the following sectors: industrial, buildings, automotive and agricultural sector.

the company is embracing the third generation of the family, thus placing it in a position of long term developlment and strategies, fully in line to react to the fast-pace market challenges.

thanks to the experience gained with years of alloys processing, today copal srl has the possibility to give its customers very narrow product tolerances due to the utilization of cutting edge processing plants. on top of that we always put our customers at first, by constanlty working to improve our services. we strive to optimize our winning sinergies such as:

 dynamic production/customized deliveries to aim for just in time;


high product quality, thanks to in line quality inspections;

customer oriented price policy, led by periodic customer visits by our sales force

copal srl, at the dawn of the third millennium is still ready to fight new market challanges; in the endless run towards economic progress, it is ready to keep winning together with its customers, by assuring them with a cutting edge service meant as a company mission.

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